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A letter from the RUC Assistant Chief Constable Crime W G MONAHAN to me dated 2/6/1987

Dear Madam

I acknowledge receipt of your further communication dated 28 May 1987 concerning Frederick Andrews. I can confirm that all criminal matters which came to light during this protracted investigation have been placed before the Director of Public Prosecutions for Northern Ireland. [So, here is a written statement from the Assistant Chief Constable that there were "criminal matters" found in the investigation of the Freddie Andrews case and these "criminal matters" were put into the hands of the Director of Public Prosecutions which, of course the DPP did absolutely nothing about.]

These papers are currently being considered by the Director's staff.

Your letters do, however, touch on issues which are outside the jurisdiction of the Criminal Investigation [Again the Assistant Chief Constable confirms that there was an RUC Criminal Investigation into the handling of Freddie Andrews' affairs] and to which the Royal Ulster Constabulary have no authority or legislative powers in which to act.

It is suggested that you may wish to consult with your own Solicitor who may be able to obtain answers to the many 'civil' issues raised in your communications of this year.

As the matter is now sub-judice it would be improper for police officers to have any further discussions touching the sphere of this investigation.

Yours faithfully,


Assistant Chief Constable Crime.

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