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A letter from D/Inspector D S Moss to me dated 23/3/1989.

Dear Madam

I refer to your continuing correspondence with this Department, the most recent dated 12, 17, 30 January 1989 and 16 February 1989.

You will be aware of course that Mr Herbert Wright was convicted of a criminal offence at Belfast Crown Court on 9 January 1989 and as a consequence therefore I am to inform you that the police investigation has now been terminated.

The matter of the account of your brother, Freddie Andrews' estate which you continue to raise should be referred to the Official Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Northern Ireland who is responsible for same.

The matters of complaint which you continue to raise about the actions of the Official Solicitor, I would advise, should be referred to the Supreme Court by the normal instigation of civil litigation.

In view of these considerations and advice I see no reason to have the further meeting with officers from this Department which you have requested.

I trust that this information is of assistance to you.

Yours faithfully

for D/Chief Inspector

[This letter is a classic example of the cover-up of the most outrageous crimes by the RUC. D/I Moss knew that the criminal offence which solicitor Herbert Wright was convicted of, had nothing whatsoever to do with this solicitor's criminal conduct in my brother Freddie's affairs. Yet D/I Moss uses this totally extraneous conviction as an excuse and pretext to criminally drop the lengthy investigation into the plunder of Freddie's property by bureaucratic gangsters including the RUC, the Official Solicitors, the Office of Care and Protection, the Office of the Lord Chancellor, Officers of the Supreme Court, various solicitors, barristers, estate agents, valuers et al.
This shocking merry-go-round was kept spinning only because the corruption within the RUC provided the freedom for all the others to spin their own web of corruption at my brother's expense. Instead of giving the facts to the DPP and demanding that the massive efforts of the late DC Mervyn Patterson were used in evidence against those who should have been hauled through the courts, the RUC actually joined up with the plundering raiders, acted as bodyguards and minders to ensure that the law was broken left, right and centre.
D/I Moss repeatedly uses the word 'continue/continuing' in a most disparaging way when referring to my rightful attempts to persuade the RUC to do its legal duty. I am sick of this game of ping-pong which the senior officers in the RUC, members of the legal profession and the Official Solicitors have been reduced to playing as they use the lawful power vested in them to operate a system of anarchy to satisfy their personal greed.]

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