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A letter from D/Chief Inspector McLoughlin to me dated 3/11/1998.

Dear Mrs. Wright

I am writing to acknowledge receipt of your letters of 28 September and 26 October 1998.

I have been in touch with the Official Solicitors office and as they are reviewing the matter, I believe that it is not appropriate to take further action until that review is complete.

Yours sincerely

D/Chief Inspector

[This is known as 'passing the buck' or 'ping-pong'. The terrible thing about all this is that here we have a so-called police force charged with protecting the public and it refuses to protect the most vulnerable in that public - a mentally-handicapped man. 'Passing the buck' is a very appropriate term in this case but an even more appropriate term would be 'protecting the bucks', the bucks belonging to Freddie Andrews but being protected for those with the power to keep official thieves immune from prosecution. 'Ping-pong' is an apt term for this whole sordid affair since the activities of the keepers of the law enforcement agencies and the officers of the Courts stink to High Heaven.]