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A letter from the RUC to me dated 6/4/1984.

Dear Mrs Wright

I am in receipt of your letter dated 30 March 1984 and your copy enclosure which you furnished to the Lord Chancellors Department.

As I have already said careful consideration is given to all matters raised by you and are borne in mind during the course of police investigations, which continue and can hopefully be expedited now that the Reserved Judgement given by Mr Justice MacDermott is to hand.

Yours sincerely


for Chief Constable.

[This just gets more crazy by the letter. Surely Superintendent Pollock is putting the cart before the horse is the biggest way possible. How could Mr. Justice MacDermott give a proper "Reserved" Judgement BEFORE the Police investigations were completed? How could any proper Judgement be made without ALL the evidence being made available to the Judge? Fraud Squad Detective Constable Mervyn Patterson spent three years investigating the 'handling' of Freddie Andrews' affairs and found evidence of FRAUD, MISAPPROPRIATION AND MUCH MORE. Why was that evidence NOT given to the Judge? Why is this man who was next to the Chief Constable of the RUC actually playing the same game as Official Solicitor Hall? Why is he playing into Hall's hands? It is plain to see that the RUC, whose senior officers refused to act on DC Mervyn Patterson's findings and then removed him from the investigation of my brother's affairs, has acted in collusion with Mr. Hall, Mr. Gilpin, Tughan & Co and others in the plunder of Freddie's properties. The question has to be asked: Why did Mr. Justice MacDermott not recognise what was happening, or if he did, why did he give it all the sanction of the High Court? How could the RUC investigations be 'hopefully' expedited as Superintendent Pollock states above following the Judge's Reserved Judgement? What has the Judge's Judgement got to do with helping the RUC's investigation? In fact and in practice, the Judge's Reserved Judgement was totally faulty without the Police investigation findings and if that Judgement was then used as part of the Police investigation then the RUC must want that investigation to be totally faulty also.]

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