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The seizure and sale of Freddie's Showroom.

The following is an extract from my brother Billy's statement to the RUC

"As a result of information given to me by D/Constable Patterson [This was the Fraud Squad officer who was shot dead in questionable circumstances.] I understand that in 1977 I on behalf of the company bought properties 61 to 69 Smithfield and 1 - 11 Francis Street, Belfast from my brother Freddie and sold them to Neville Johnston Garages on 30 September 1977. I emphatically deny all knowledge of this alleged transaction. I now produce a copy of an agreement which has been marked WJA1 which relates to the sale of the company shares to Neville Johnston Garages and dated 30/9/77. On pages 12 and 15 of the said agreement I identify the signatures of my wife son and myself. I have examined them at the back of the agreement and this suggests that we sold some of Freddies property in this agreement. This is false as I or the company never owned Freddie's showrooms and therefore could not have sold them. I can not offer an explanation at present but I suspect that this agreement has been tampered with. At the time I allegedly signed this agreement I was in a state of deep depression and can not clearly recall the transactions. There were a number of irregularities over this day which have been referred to in another statement."

Nothing, absolutely nothing was ever done by the RUC regarding this statement by my brother Billy and now he is no longer alive to get anything done himself. This is a total and absolute disgrace. Here is a situation where, by omission, the RUC have colluded with criminal activity instead of taking swift action against those who broke the law. This is just one example of how our family members were used and abused all because we had some money and property which other people were jealous of us having and were prepared to stop at nothing to get their hands on it all.

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The seizure and sale of Freddie's Winetavern Street property.