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A letter from Barry Shaw, Royal Courts of Justice, to Peter Robinson MP dated 29/4/1986.

Dear Sir

I acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 24 April 1986 written with regard to your constituent, Mrs Eileen Wright, of 4 Norwood Gardens.

A police investigation has been in progress for a very lengthy period. Although reports have been received in this office from the Chief Constable and advice given to investigating police their enquiries have not yet been completed. I anticipate that they will be completed in the near future.

Until results of the full police investigation can be considered I am not able to anticipate what directions will be given by me.

Mrs Wright will have informed you of the protracted nature of the investigations in progress and of proceedings which have been before the High Court of justice. I am fully aware of the anxieties and concern expressed by Mrs Wright and I know that my staff have done as much as they can to assure her that investigations are being actively pursued and that matters will not be allowed to go by default. [How wrong that statement has proved to have been, Mr. Shaw.]

Yours faithfully

Barry Shaw