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A valuation of Freddie's showroom, offices and large yard at Smithfield by Macrory & Jefferson dated 3/11/1983.


Re: Frederick Andrews Junior,

Showroom & Offices with large Yard at rear,

Nor. 59/65 or 62/69 Smithfield Square (now known as No. 60 Smithfield),

presently occupied by Neville Johnston (Garages) Limited.


This two-storey building is occupied as a car showroom on the ground floor. There is also excellent car accommodation on the 1st floor which is served by a ramp at the rear of the building.

The Offices and toilet accommodation are also on the 1st floor.
Special piling was used to support the considerable number of cars which this floor accommodates.

The entrance is by a concrete passage on the North side, leading to the ground at rear. There is also a gateway entrance in Frances Street.


Ground Floor = 3,122.00 Sq. ft. approx.

First Floor = 2,930.00 Sq. ft. approx.

Yard at rear = 6,200 Sq. ft. approx.


The brick-built building is framed in steel and has an ashphalt roof and is in very good condition. We understand it was in a similar condition in 1977.

The plate glass windows are set in aluminium sections.

The open Yard is surfaced in tar-mac and concrete.


The premises occupy a prominent position convenient to Royal Avenue, and Upper North Street.

Net Annual Value



Held, we are informed under a long Lease or Fee Farm Grant.


In our opinion the value of the property in 1977 was 52,500.00.
(Fifty two thousand, five hundred pounds).

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