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A list of my concerns about the abuse of Freddie's estate and the denigration of our family.

1. Who were Freddie's legal representatives?

2. What properties did Freddie own - his entire estate?

3. Why did Mr Drennan's Report - 1st January 1979 - refer to properties already sold?

4. When and why were accounts opened in I.D.B. in Bangor in the name of Gilpin and Wright by Drennan who was officially in charge?

5. Why did Brian Hall take complete control?

6. Who were the valuers and estate agents?

7. What part in the estate did the District Valuer play?

8. Why did Brian Hall appoint Jackson Andrews (no relation of the family) as accountants?

9. Why were all Hearings behind closed doors?

10. Why was the conflict of interest by Charles Gilpin permitted to take place re his firm Neville Johnston?

11. Why were the investigations by Crime and Fraud Squads suddenly stopped?

12. How was property owned by my sister dealt withby Tughan & Co who had her Deeds?

13. Why, when a mental patient is in Care for Protection, can his properties be disposed of?

14. Why have we never been supplied with Tax Returns and proper audited accounts since 1979?

15. When and how did Messrs Laing & Co plc actually purchase properties from the estate?

16. Where did the 300,000 paid to the Dept of the Environment go? Was it retained by this Department?

17. What part did Neville Johnston's involvement play in Freddie's estate?

18. Who, and why was, 35,000 paid back to Tughan & Co with gross interest?

19. Why were McConnell & Martin, Estate Agents, reluctant to correspond with me?

20. How and why did Det. Con. M. Patterson lose his life so tragically?

21. Why was it necessary for Official Solicitor Deirdre Bowers to forge Deeds?

22. What was the reason for misappropriation and false accounting to take place?

23. Who engaged firms of contractors to carry out work unsupervised and inferior at 4 Norwood Gardens?

24. Why was there so much outside influence in Bank Accounts?

25. Why was there so much secrecy by Official Solicitors?

26. What action can we take to have Freddie removed from the Care Order?

27. How was Brian Hall able to dispose of the two and a half year fraud investigation as quote, "notes and jottings"?

28. What part of the estate did Central Merchants buy?

29. Why did my mother have to sell her property at 18 Oakland Avenue?

30. What was the reason for her to be taken into the Waring St Bank by two unknown men? What happened to my father's private account? 31. Why were Drennan's clerk and solicitor H. Wright in collusion to put my sister out of her home?

32. Why were threats made to put Freddie in a home at the time Drennan was in charge?

33. When my mother was in hospital after suffering a stroke Master Jim Davis (now retired) invited us to a meeting which was to include Official Solicitor Drennan. Mr. Drennan refused to attend this meeting.

34. Why did Mr. Drennan send his clerk up to 4 Norwood Gardens at that same time to close Freddie's home up without informing the family?

35. Who organised a bridging loan for Freddie and on what grounds?

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