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Solicitor Peter Madden's Statement of meeting with Official Solicitor dated 28/9/1995.

Attendance on Charles Redpath Official Solicitor on 28/9/95
by Peter Madden 9.30-10.00am M/19196/M/TC

I obtained from Mr. Redpath the following three reports:

1. Report of the Official Solicitor dated 30 January 1984.
2. Second Report of the Official Solicitor dated 2 December 1985.
3. File of documents entitled "In the matter of Frederick Andrews
copy documents for reference" on front is entitled File No. 1
and an index containing 32 pages.

Mr Redpath told me that he had sent a letter to us dated 26 September. I read a copy of it and I have now obtained the original which was brought to my attention when I returned to the office this morning. He told me that the Official Solicitor sued Tughan & Company over the proceeds of the matrimonial home.
I asked was there a negligence involved and he told me there was fraud involved and that they had recovered damages from Tughan & Company.
When I pointed out that the solicitor Herbert Wright was not charged with the fraud in relation to the matrimonial home but in relation to the car dealership, he thought that fraud charges related to the matrimonial home as well. He showed me two blue files and told me that all the rest of the papers were with the cost drawer Mrs. Maureen Boyle.
He said that he would oppose any application by Mrs. Wright to take over the affairs of her brother Freddie because of her general attitude and the way in which she approached the case and that in his view she would not be capable of managing her brother's financial affairs. I asked him for a Court Order which indicated that the Court directed that there be no further investigation to Freddie's affairs which he referred me to in his letter of 26 September. He told me it may have been an oral direction from the Court but that Lord Justice MacDermott who was the family judge knows all about this case.

I pointd out that I wished to advise Mrs. Wright and wanted to be appraised of all Court proceedings in relation to the matter and all documents referring to the case.

I left it that I would read the three documents given to me by Mr. Redpath and then contact him in relation thereto. I left him a copy of my letter to him dated 27 September. He said that if Mrs. Wright has any complaints to raise he would deal with them. I said that I wasn't here to make any complaint but simply to assess the position for myself and then advise her.

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