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Roy Beggs, The Ulster Unionist MP for south Antrim, is to quiz the Attorney General on allegations of police and legal corruption.
In a string of probing questions, Beggs is raising a vexed case of PC Mervyn Patterson, the Fraud Squad officer found dead after he complained to the Chief Constable of Masonic conspiracy, in the case of Freddie Andrews, the retarded man who Patterson believed had been swindled of his inheritance.
In a bizarre case two years ago children found Patterson's bound body lying on the foreshore of Belfast Lough. Although his hands were tied with a pair of women's tights and no weapon was ever found, his inquest concluded that he had shot himself because of a "persecution complex."
Papers belonging to Patterson which have been passed to SUNDAY WORLD, show that he was unhappy because he thought that Masonic influence and corruption within the RUC prevented prosecutions in four major cases he had investigated.
He names several officers and lists the cases, one of which involves the Property Service agency and another Freddie Andrews.


Now Beggs is asking the Attorney General to explain why the DPP brought no prosecutions on any of these cases.
Beggs believes that in the Andrews case "there may have been collusion between property dealers, estate agents and solicitors so that the rightful owner was ripped off by a wolf parading in Christian respectability as an opportunity to exploit and plunder."
Freddie Andrews inherited a large city centre property fortune from his tycoon father, also named Frederick, who died in 1972. However, most of the money is now gone, "Swindled," the Andrews claim by crooked Plymouth Brethren businessman Charles Gilpin.
'Good Living' Gilpin persuaded Freddie to change his solicitor and sign sale documents although he was medically unfit to give valid legal consent.
Gilpin is now dead and his solicitor, who also acted for Freddie Andrews, has been struck off and is facing charges in connection with property deals worth 250,000.
Most of Freddie's inheritance was in the Smithfield area, now the site of a 50 million development. The Developers, Laing's, bought Freddie's former property from the giant Ryland Group. (my emphasis in red)


Although there is nothing to suggest that any blame attaches to either of these companies, Beggs is also asking the Attorney General to release details of all property transactions involving Freddie Andrews, and an audited account of his affairs for each year that he has been a ward of court.
Freddie's sister Eileen Wright, who lives with her handicapped brother and looks after him, has been campaigning for years to have the case fully investigated.
After he was freed from Gilpin's clutches in 1979, Freddie became a ward of court.


Last year his mother Minetta died in genteel poverty without ever finding out what happened to her husband's fortune.
Eileen Wright hopes that Roy Beggs' questions will be a way of cutting through the red tape and getting to the facts, but she says resignedly: "If he gets a straight answer to all that, Roy won't need a plane back from London - he'll be able to fly home under his own steam."