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On May 1st 1994, the Sunday World newspaper printed the following story by journalist Greg Harkin under the heading:


Councillor gets handicapped Freddie money for repairs

A handicapped millionaire who gets 50 per week "pocket money" from his inheritance has been given a 17,000 windfall from Ulster's to Government lawyer.
And now Belfast Councillor Chris McGimpsey, who demanded the pay-out so that 64-year-old Freddie Andrews could have repairs done at his home, wants bank account details handed over to the family.
In February, the councillor claimed in SUNDAY WORLD that the east Belfast home Freddie shares with his sister Eileen Wright is in an "appalling condition."
Freddie is now a ward of court. His father Frederick, who once owned extensive properties in Belfast, left the family fortune to his mentally handicapped son.
But before the 64-year-old was made a ward of court, he was swindled out of hundreds of thousands of pounds by crooked businessman Charlie Gilpin, a born-again Christian who died 10 yeas ago.
Widow Mrs. Wright, 72, was over the moon last week with the offer by the official solicitor to finance repairs to her Norwood Gardens home.
"I can't thank Chris McGimpsey enough for highlighting the case," she enthused.


The 17,000 will go towards building repairs, electrical items and a new kitchen.
But now she's hoping the influential Ulster Unionist will win her next battle - full details and accounts relating to the Andrews fortune.
By law, the Official Solicitor does not have to give these details.
But Mrs. Wright said: "I believe we are entitled to know exactly how much is in Freddie's account.
"It's not too much to ask to see properly audited accounts."
Councillor McGimpsey told SUNDAY WORLD: "I am delighted that Eileen and Freddie are to get repairs done to their home.
"It's also nice to see that they will get a say in what sort of repairs and goods they will get whereas before they were not consulted.
"I believe, that in the light of all the cash stolen from the Andrews family by Charlie Gilpin, Mrs Wright should be given access to the Bank of Ireland account in Freddie's name.
"There is absolutely no reason why this request should be refused in my opinion.
"It will cause harm to no-one and allow Mrs.Wright to pursue her inquiries into Freddie's money."