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The SUNDAY WORLD published the following article by Jim Campbell on August 30th 1987 under the headline:


Several prominent people could be charged soon in connection with the long-running row over ownership of city centre property in Belfast's Smithfield market.
For seven years, backed by SUNDAY WORLD, the children of the late city centre businessman Frederick Andrews who had extensive property interests in Belfast have been questioning what happened to the fortune he left.
They claim their brother Freddie (who is mentally retarded and was made a ward of court) was ripped off by a business associate of their father - millionaire property speculator and Plymouth Brethren preacher Charlie Gilpin who died recently.
The Andrews family who claim they are forced to live in genteel poverty because Gilpin an others conned the family out of a fortune have been fighting a legal battle for justice and have named several top people as being involved in the rip-off or its subsequent cover-up.
This week one of the men who they'd accused, solicitor Herbert Wright of Grand Prix Park, Dundonald, who was struck off for three years after complaints to the Law Society by the Andrews family, appeared in court charged in connection with a property deal worth almost half a million pounds.


But police sources claim other people could be charged in the near future and the Andrews family is preparing legal action to win back the money they claim was taken from them.
Roy Beggs, unionist Westminster MP for East Antrim, who wrote to British PM Margaret Thatcher about the plight of the Andrews family this week called for a public probe into the handling of the family's affairs-especially the estate of Freddie Andrews who was a ward of court.
He said he was concerned and distressed at information given him about business transactions carried out in Freddie's name while he was a ward of court and said there should be a full and open inquiry.
Police told SUNDAY WORLD yesterday inquiries into the Andrews case were reaching a climax and that...............shortly.
Ironically one of the detectives who first worked on the case when it was reported to the RUC seven years ago was Mervyn Patterson who recently was found dead shot through the head with his hands and legs loosely bound not far from his home at Shore Road over-looking Belfast Lough. to be continued...