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Wheeling and Dealing between Hall, Deane, Jemphry and Laing.

I am including below, Official Solicitor Hall's sworn statement dated 28/11/85.

Look very carefully at the signature of the witness of this sworn statement. I would say that this name is Jemphry, quote, "...a Solicitor empowered to administer Oaths for the Supreme Court of Judicature in Northern Ireland". Surely this couldn't be the solicitor, Jemphry, who 'bought' 14 Castlehill Road, Belmont, Freddie Andrews' real home? Surely not? But wait!

Look at the person Mr. Hall, Official Solicitor, chose to, quote, "...act as agent and surveyor on behalf of the Patient in relation to any prospective negotiations for sale of the properties" - Mr. John L. Deane!

That name keeps cropping up, doesn't it? This is the man who undertook the sale of Mr. Hall's Bangor home, isn't it? Now, look at the other member of the quartet, another familiar name - Laing Properties Limited.

Now look at the sworn statement.

As you can see, Osbourne, King & Megran were acting for Laing Properties Limited. The late Mr. King of Osbourne King and Megran was a highly-placed gentleman who entertained the highest people in the land. Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother even stayed at his palatial home outside Crossgar in Co. Down. Former Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Tom King, senior police officers and lawmen were entertained there too. Laing Properties Limited were taking no chances. They couldn't afford to take any chances. They had spent 6 million pounds in preparing their Castle Court Development in the Smithfield area and nothing could be allowed to stand in their way, not even the property rights of my mentally-handicapped brother Freddie. I will have more to say on this later.