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Putting A Valuation On Tara House.

Please note that text in red denotes my comments

Here is a copy of an advertisment in the Belfast Telegraph sometime towards the end of 1974 showing "Tara House" being advertised for sale when it was impossible, legally, to sell it. I hope to get a more precise date for this advertisement.

It is unfortunate that a little bit is missing on the right hand side of the page, but I hope the following will serve to demonstrate the shocking conduct of the Official Solicitors, senior counsel, estate agents and valuers, other solicitors and even High Court Judges in what is a gang warfare on Freddie Andrews lucrative estate.

I will concentrate on three of the properties in the above advertisment, "Tara House", Freddie's home, which has no suggested asking price and two of the properties which have suggested asking prices. On an open market the sale price is almost always much higher.
As you can see from the above, the estate agent who was selling all these houses was Ulster Property Sales. Ulster Property Sales was Charles Gilpin's own Company, so he had complete control over the 'sale' of "Tara House".

Here is the above picture of "Tara House" and its UPS description on its own.

Some years after "Tara House" was taken off Freddie and our mother and 'resold', this is how "Tara House" was again described in a brochure prepared by Estate agent Eric Cairns.

It was only around the time of the publication of the above advertisment in the Belfast Telegraph that our family became aware that the beautiful home we grew up in was being 'sold'. What we did not know even then was that part of Freddie's city centre property, 3-5 Little King Street had already been 'sold' off without our knowledge. We did not know that all my father's papers, deeds and documents had already been transferred out of the family solicitors, Boston & Sullivan and transferred into the firm of Tughan & Co by Charles Gilpin without the family's knowledge. We were not to know that the strictly private family safe and its contents would be removed by men employed by Charles Gilpin and would never seen again.

Notwithstanding another estimated valuation of 50,500, estate agent and valuer, Mr. Deane, confirmed, even to a High Court Judge, that the proper value of "Tara House" was 38,750 and the Judge accepted this figure. It must be remembered that "Tara House" was built nearly 60 years previously for around 37,000. "Tara House" was also 'sold' to a solicitor, Gerald P Jemphrey on the first day it was offered for sale.

Here is a picture from the above block of advertisments of "Flat 1/105 Marlborough Park South, Malone" and its UPS description on its own.

This small apartment, tiny in comparison to "Tara House", had an asking price of 35,500, just 3,250 less than "Tara House" was 'sold' for. This apartment probably fetched even more than "Tara House" as it was sold on the open market, unlike "Tara House" which was knocked down to Jemphrey without any competition.

Here is a picture from the above block of advertisments of "111 Trossachs Drive, Upper Malone, Belfast" and its UPS description on its own.

Like "Tara House", this house boasts 5 bedrooms, but falls far short of "Tara House" in every other way. In fact it is only about one third of the size of "Tara House", 111 Trossachs Drive being "around 1500 sq. ft" while "Tara House" was over 4000 sq. ft. Yet the asking price for 111 Trossachs Drive is almost 70,000 and must have sold for quite a bit more on the open market - at least 75,000.

The true market value of "Tara House" at the time it was stolen from my brother and my mother will never be known. Based on the very relevant information in the advertisment above paid for by Charles Gilpin's company Ulster Property Sales, "Tara House", at the time it was advertised, should have carried an 'Offers Around' tag of well over 100,000. Yet here is what the High Court Judge decided!

Here is a rear view of "Tara House" which gives you some idea of the splendour of the place and which made it so attractive to unscrupulous and professional thieves.

Castlehill Road runs off the Upper Newtownards Road and up alongside Stormont Parliament Buildings. This is a favourite area for the top businessmen, members of the legal profession and top members of the police service. It is inconceivable that the High Court Judges, RUC officers, estate agents and valuers and Official Solicitors involved in this dirty affair were unaware of the true value of "Tara House" at 14 Castlehill Road, Belmont, Belfast. All these people were closely involved with each other in the lowest of low conduct in order to rob my handicapped brother of the property his father left him.