Please note that text in red denotes my comments

I wrote this letter to members of the Bar Council dated September 18th 1990.

As Freddie Andrews' sister, and having attended to his every want and need for almost nine years, I would appreciate an explanation as to why the Office of the Official Solicitor persists in denigrating my character.

The enclosed mail clearly uncovers collusion between the Office of the Official Solicitor and the solicitors acting for Messrs Laing & Co. in Belfast and London.

Libelous statements such as "Mrs Wright is dangerous" and "The Plot is very thick and the best course of action is to keep silent" are more relevant to what one would find in a fictional crime novel than from those entrusted with the Care and Protection of mental patients. This is an appalling indictment of the Legal Profession in N. Ireland and those in positions of trust who appear to have no scruples in using such language in order to destroy my credibility.

My late father, Frederick Andrews, who died in 1972 was the owner and Chairman of Andrews & Co. He gave Freddie all his properties including 1 to 11 Francis St., 3 to 5 King St., 5 to 21 Winetavern St. and the family home 14 Castlehill Rd.
All the evidence is well documented by the fraud officer we approached in 1980. Why should the reference by me in the enclosed mail, about a police investigation be ignored? This three year investigation was in my brother's interest and should never have been ignored.

I have a copy document, dated 23rd September 1985 written by the then Official Solicitor to senior consultant Dr A Lyons. In this document I am referred to as, quote, "bitter and frustrated". How many more people have been subjected to these diabolical untruths in order to pervert the course of Justice. Every opportunity appears to have been taken to destroy my character.

I did not ask, as you will notice, in the enclosed mail to the Care and Protection Office to be "sole controller", but I did expect to be kept informed as to how my brother's affairs are being administered and why my request to be involved should be so strongly opposed.

Secrecy in respect of my brother's affairs is supposed to be in the interest of confidentiality! Confidential to whom? The fraudulent takeover of my brother's entire valuable inheritance took place between 1972 and 1980, yet the Accountants engaged by my father to look after Freddie's affairs prior to 1972 and from 1972 to 1980 are not allowed by the Official Solicitor to let us see statements of accounts, income tax returns and movements of property even though Freddie was not in their care during this time. Has the Official Solicitor unlimited powers?

My requests to members of the Legal Profession for help have not been fruitful. They appear to be reluctant to get involved. I am now sending copies of the enclosed, with police evidence that has never been dealt with because the investigation was stopped by the Office of the Official Solicitor in 1983, to the heads of the three main churches, members of parliament, the press and the Deputy Secretary of State seeking their support for a full judicial enquiry.

I have been fighting for justice for Freddie for eleven years and will continue no matter how long it takes. Truth must prevail. Intimidating letters and libelous statements will not deter me from my goal. My brother must not be denied his basic human rights in order to protect those who took advantage of his mental incapacity.

This fraudulent takeover of my brother's estate must be exposed, not only in the interest of Freddie but also in the interests of other mental patients who may not have a family to fight for their rights.
There should never be any need for secrecy or behind-door deals.
The family must be involved in all transactions.

Perhaps the Bar Council will explain to me why I have been subjected to scurrilous and inhuman attacks on my character.

Eileen Wright.