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Another letter from me to John Laing Developments Ltd dated 3/7/1990.

Dear Mr. Taylor,

May I again request an urgent reply to my letter of the 5th February 1990 and my further reminder of the 26th March 1990, as to whom you paid the 300,000 for 61 Smithfield and 9 Francis St Belfast.

It is important that a reply is forthcoming as to how and when your firm acquired No's 61 to 65 Smithfield. What price was paid and to whom the money was paid?

This property, as you know, was stolen from my brother Freddie in 1979. We are naturally anxious to know who gave you permission to build on this stolen property, long before the Court hearing against Mr H Wright, late of Messrs Tughan & Co was heard in the County Court in January 1989. Is it not a criminal offence to take possession of property and build on it when a Court Case was pending?

We await answers to the above questions.

Yours sincerely,

Eileen Wright (Mrs)

A copy of this letter will be sent to Paul Foot of the Mirror Group and my Member of Parliament.

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