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My letter to solicitor Michelle Breen dated 31/1/1995.

Dear Michelle,

I was extremely disappointed that you were unable to see me "promptly at 3 o clock on Friday".

I had made arrangements for someone to be here for Freddie, the weather conditions were appalling and the fact that you were not available at the re-arranged time (4 o clock) was in my estimation both unprofessional and lax.

Over a year ago you stated "it would be no problem having Freddie's affairs removed from the control of the Official Solicitor" and you would also "seek a review of his case".

It would appear that nothing has been done as this case is not listed and no barrister has been appointed.

I have now no option but to dispense with your services.

Would you please confirm in writing the date Freddie's file will be available for collection.


Eileen Wright.

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