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My letter to Sellagh Moiseiwitsch dated 6/4/1987.

Dear Mrs. Moiseiwitsch,

Now that Deirdre Bowers has made it obvious that we are not welcome in Freddie's house we are worried that she will use her powers, which appear to go unquestioned by anyone, to take retrograde steps which could be detrimental to Freddie's mental health and my mother's well-being. My mother must be allowed to end her days in peace.

Freddie, as you know, was never in a nursing home and would not adjust to being regemented by rules and reegulations at this late stage of his life. He would miss his breakfast in bed at the week-ends! Also his privacy and the family.

I feel this unwarranted attack on the family is because we are still persisting with Freddie's case. I have given all particulars to the Mental Health Commission and Watchdog have sent investigators over from the BBC to talk to me.

Mr. Roy Beggs MP has given me every help and support and has written to the Prime Minister asking for a public enquiry into the handling of Freddie's affairs by the Official Solicitors, estate agents, senior police officers and the DPP.

My father could not have forseen that his wife and son would be thrown out of the family home, due to the malpractice by solicitors and estate agents working under their dictates. The plundering of Freddie's estate was sanctioned and given the blessing of the Courts and Official Solicitors.

What depth of inhumanity to man will these people sink to in order to shut me up and attempt in every way possible to get Freddie away from the protection I can give him. This is what I have had to fight for, for eight long years. They must surely be skating on very thin ice if they have to use such tactics.

I am having a surveyor up on Monday to list the faults in the bathroom and kitchen. He is also taking pictures otherwise one would never believe a builder could do such damage.

I gave up my home and considered it my duty to keep both Freddie and my mother out of nursing homes and I will continue to do so.

May I ask you to appeal again to Dr. Lyons to help the family in having Freddie's affairs removed from the absolute control of the Official Solicitor so that we may be allowed to engage a solicitor who will protect Freddie and where there will be no need for secrecy and where the illegal sales of his properties will be openly discussed. Also that we may be able to care for Freddie and my mother without harrassment and the intimidating attitude used to undermine us. They have the power to play havoc with ordinary decent people's lives. Honesty must be the all-important factor, something we have not seen since we put Freddie into the Care of the Court.

I appreciate all the help and attention you have given to me so please, would you again ask Dr. Lyons for his support. We cannot allow any other person to go through what we have been put through. What would have happened to Freddie if he had had no family? He would have been thrown into a home long before this. Mr. Doherty the clerk in Cleaver Fulton & Rankin came up to do just that about five years ago but we managed to run up from the Law Courts to keep him from closing the house up. Those were his instructions from the then Official Solicitor Mr. Drennan. Freddie had only 37,000 in the bank at that time under the names of Gilpin and Wright with all his properties gone. That would not have kept him in any home and if anything had happened to Freddie who would have got his money? We must be allowed to be heard. It is now urgent not only for Freddie but for the benefit of other mental patients too.


Eileen Wright.

[Three parties who had an involvement in Freddie's affairs have been prosecuted for breaking the law in their respective professional capacities, but they have been prosecuted for breaking the law in other clients' affairs. The above Mrs. Moiseiwitsch, Tughan & Co solicitor Herbert Wright and solicitors Carson & McDowell. Of all the people who have broken the criminal law in their handling of Freddie's affairs, not one has been prosecuted.]

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