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I sent the following letter to Detective Chief Inspector Thompson in October 1989.

Dear D/Chief Inspector Thompson,
In view of your reply in the affirmative to my husband's query as to the future acceptability by you of further evidence relating to my brother's case, I wish to draw your attention to the inescapable conclusion that must be inferred from the summing-up by Lord Justice O'Donnell at the trial of Herbert Wright, taken in conjunction with the terms of the Bill of Indictment.

The Bill of Indictment expressly states that Herbert Wright dishonestly obtained 375,000 from the Ryland Vehicle Group by falsely representing that Neville Johnston (Garages) had a good and marketable title to premises known as 60-65 Smithfield Square. The only one with good and marketable title to the aforementioned properties was my mentally handicapped brother.

If a responsible estate agent and a trustworthy solicitor had offered my brother's Smithfield properties for sale to the Ryland Group then Freddie would have received 375,000, the market value of the aforesaid properties, as is implied in the Bill of Indictment.

Here I must point out that up to the present time no Official Solicitor has given a satisfactory explanation, in detail, as to what the 375,000 was paid for, other than the acquisition of Freddie's Smithfield properties. Vague "red herrings" have been suggested but they do not stand up to critical scrutiny.

In his summation Lord Justice O'Donnell pronounced on two sums of money. First, he stated that he did not know why 35,000 had been lodged in the Industrial Bank in Bangor in the names of Gilpin and Wright and second, he announced that the 375,000 obtained by Herbert Wright went direct into the account of Tughan & Co, solicitors.

The import of paragraphs 2, 3, 4 and 5 of my letter is that Tughan & Co defrauded Freddie of 375,000 and should be arraigned for so doing.
It is worth noting that the nature and facts of this fraud were never reported to the Police by the late John Drennan or Brian Hall, nor did the latter, in the Court Hearings concocted and orchestrated by him in collusion with Tughan & Co, ever raise the matter in front of the Judge. Indeed, Mr. Herbert Wright's ability at selling Word Processing machines was the only matter Mr. Hall considered worthy of mention.

(An acknowledgment of this communication would be appreciated)
Thanking you for same.
Yours sincerely,
Eileen Wright.