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I sent the following letter to psychiatrist Dr. Lyons dated October 4th 1987.

Dear Dr Lyons

Now that my mother has died, we feel our position in Freddie's home has become untenable.
The late Mr. Drennan sent his clerk to this house to have it locked up, the police informed and Freddie put in a home - then Brian Hall put us through court hearings that were meaningless because he would not listen to the fraud officer or the family. He preferred to forge on, creating more of a havoc of Freddie's affairs by persisting in selling Freddie's Smithfield properties, with the help of his estate agent Mr. Deane before the R.U.C. had finished their investigations. Now he has put himself in the position of selling property that was stolen from Freddie - and at a third of the price that the late Mr. C Gilpin and his solicitor got in August 1979 when Mr. Drennan allowed them access to the deeds of these properties - one doesn't need to be a lawyer to see that Freddie's interests were never the concern of any Official Solicitor.

Now Mrs. Deirdre Bowers, after only a short time in office, has done more harm by spending 7,000 of Freddie's money without consulting the family - not in improving facilities but wrecking the kitchen and bathroom and leaving the garage to fall down and the rain pouring in on one of the bedrooms. She insulted my elderly mother who couldn't answer back by saying she had no title to this house.

There must be some way of having Freddie's affairs removed from the control of those who prefer to protect their colleagues and plunder his estate for the second time, with the blessing of the court. There are none so blind as those who will not see - I understood I was to be Freddie's guardian and on the Committee but there in no-one who will give us answers to questions asked.

The judge was ill-informed. Mr. Brian Hall said in a letter "he was at all times directed exclusively by the Judge" this we cannot believe.

I have another letter from MIND in Harley Street again offering me a recommended London solicitor. We could then take proceedings and expose the true facts which have been with mal-intent covered up. The "red herring" that is continually thrown up to blur the facts, is that we looked at each other with suspect. It is pathetic that this is all they can find to obstruct the course of Justice.

The situation has become serious and we would appreciate any help you could give in getting Freddie's affairs removed from those who have proved themselves incapable of giving confidence to any family who naturally look to a person in high office to be strictly honest and to work within the law. The family should have been given a sympathetic hearing. There is no need, ever, for aggression or Sergeant Major tactics.

I'm afraid I am not very popular with the legal profession, by exposing how the old-boy network persists, in giving the worst possible service to the patient and his family.

Mrs. Deirdre Bowers called me the famous Mrs. Wright, who writes to everybody. I didn't know I was famous but because no-one would listen to me I had no other option but to write. Surely a person in the position as Official Solicitor for the Supreme Court, should be above making such petty personal remarks.

All we wanted was to protect my father's wishes for his son, we didn't expect to be faced with ruthless opposition for nine years.

I will persist, no matter how long it takes.

My sincere thanks,

Eileen Wright (Mrs.)