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I wrote the following letter to Det. Chief Insp. McLaughlin, Fraud Squad, R.U.C. Station, Strandtown, Belfast on 4th November 1998.

Dear Sir,
Since writing to you re: sale of 5 to 21 Winetavern St, I have gone through most of my papers which are extensive. I would like to discuss with yourself the over two year in-depth investigation of the late Det con. M Patterson.
If you are unable to locate the above officer's findings at Headquarters, I can give you copies. You would be very welcome to call with me at the above address.
We were only told about one month ago by the present Official Solicitor Mr Redpath that a court order was put on Freddie's case 20 years ago. This was a shock to my elder brother Billy and myself. Why had this information been kept secret for all these years?

We put Freddie in care in late 1978

and we found it peculiar at the time that the fraud officer who we approached in 1980 was not given his lawful right to speak, why the SECRECY?
Two leading psychiatrists gave detailed statements with regards to Freddie's mental incapacity, stating that Freddie 'would have no knowledge or understanding of what he was signing' were also not given the right to speak.
If it had not been for the diligence and dedication of the late Mervyn Patterson we would never have been made aware of the extent of the fraudulent take-over of my mentally handicapped brother's entire state. Why was this over two year investigation dismissed as ' notes and jottings'.
It was both cruel and inhuman to deny any mental patient his rights or representation in an open court. Mr Redpath has now stated he will re-open Freddie's case. He has now found irregularities which were obvious to the family over 20 years ago.
We have been very fortunate in keeping Freddie's case open all these years with the help of the press. I am now 76 and my brother Billy is over 80 and we don't want to spend the rest of our lives fighting for open justice.
We were fortunate that Mervyn Patterson was recommended to us by a leading journalist in 1980
We will not allow his or our names to be sullied in order to keep this fraud undercover.

Yours sincerely

Eileen Wright.