Please note that text in red denotes my comments

I wrote the following letter to R.M. Taylor, Joint Managing Director, John Laing Developments, Ltd., Page Street, Mill Hill, London. NW7 2ER on February 5th 1990.

Dear Mr Taylor,

Re: Francis Street, Smithfield and Millfield, Belfast.

Thank you for you letter and enclosures dated 30/1/90 which I presume, is your response to overtures from Mr. Yescombe of Bank of Tokyo International, to whom I wrote recently expressing my misgivings concerning the sale and disposal of part of the above mentioned properties which belonged to my mentally handicapped brother, and for which he has not been fully recompensed.

I further thank you for your expression of regret, implicit in paragraph two of your letter, concerning the fact that I have not been fully informed on the administration of my brother's affairs. You are right in stating that this information is held in the Official Solicitor's Office -- it must be held under lock and key!

I, as my brother's sister and Guardian and, as one who has looked after him for these past seven years, am denied by the Official Solicitor, access to properly audited accounts etc,, even though the Mental Health Order, 1986, states I am so entitled.

This denial of access was instigated and operated by successive Official Solicitors since 1979 in order to protect from prosecution, offending solicitors and manipulators who, ruthlessly, mercilessly and with deliberate intent, divested my brother Freddie of his inheritance given to him by his father many years before the latter died.

Concerning paragraph three of your letter I have fully informed my sister, Mrs Betty Hamilton of its contents together with the substance of, and the inferences to be drawn from, the letter addressed to Mr. N. Sadler of John Laing Construction Ltd. London by A. Riley of Carson & McDowell, solicitors, Belfast. You will recall that you kindly enclosed a copy of this aforementioned letter. I am confident that my sister's legal counsel will be in touch with you in the not too distant future.

At this point in my letter I must invoke the promise implicit in the ultimate paragraph of your letter that further clarification on any matter, if required, will be forthcoming. With this fact in mind I now return to paragraph four of your letter which concerns itself with my brother's interests in two separate "parcels of land".

Regarding the "parcel of land" designated, 1 in your letter, I am aware of the authorisation by Lord Justice McDermott of the transaction by which you acquired this site for 150,000. But due to the reluctance and obstinacy of the Official Solicitor in not revealing accounts to me I have not seen any evidence that my brother received the money.

As far as the "parcel of land", designated 2 in your letter is concerned, searching and pertinent questions must be asked and answered concerning its acquisition. Who was in illegal possession of this site when you initiated negotiations for its acquisition? When those in possession of this site were unable to produce title documentation did not it occur to your negotiators that the site belonged to someone else? Did they not smell a rat? Would not someone trying to sell such a valuable site in the middle of Belfast have convincing proof of ownership? Was not the ex-Official Solicitor Brian Hall (1983-1986) in possession of positive proof of my brother's ownership as was uncovered by a dedicated and responsible member of the R.U.C. Fraud Squad, the late D/Con. Mervyn Patterson? This officer's investigations revealed the fact that Freddie owned - 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68 and 69 Smithfield and 1, 3, 5, 9, and 11 Francis St., together with a large yard (6200 sq ft) at the rear of my brother's showroom. There was no necessity for a dispute between the company and my brother (represented by the Official Solicitor) as to ownership!

I now refer to the sentence at the top of page 2 of your letter. I quote "So far as I am aware these were the only interests acquired from your brother." Is it not implicit in this statement that the "parcel of land" designated 2 in your letter belonged to my brother?

If further proof of my brother's ownership of the above site is needed, it subsequently came to light in the Criminal Court, Belfast in January 1989 when Herbert Wright, solicitor, of Tughan & Co., Belfast was convicted of deception in that he falsified documents relating to my brother's Smithfield properties and was given an eighteen months suspended sentence by Lord Justice O'Donnell.

In 1987 a Mr. Dowling of Central Merchants, Belfast informed me that he had bought a piece of ground (large yard mentioned above) from Neville Johnston (Andrews & Co) but that when he became aware that it was going to be vested he sold it to Laing! Neville Johnston (Andrews & Co) never owned any ground in Smithfield! You bought stolen property which belonged to my mentally handicapped brother! You are now building on it!

And now I come to the crucial and final question regarding the "parcel of land" designated 2 in your letter. To whom did you pay 300,000 compensation for the acquisition of this site through a vesting order? My brother, the rightful owner, did not and has not received any of this compensation.

Once again I wish to express my gratitude to you for enclosing for my perusal and consideration copy of a letter dated 2/10/87 addressed to Nick Sadler, John Laing Developments Ltd., Page St., London, from Alan Riley of Carson & McDowell, solicitor, Belfast. In it he states and I quote "The Official Solicitor speaking off the record and quite candidly advises that Mrs. Wright is dangerous and inaccurate". On advice I have instituted the requisite legal proceedings to deal with this slanderous statement by the Official Solicitor and the repetition by Alan Riley.

I look forward with eager anticipation to your reply to points raised and questions asked in my letter.

Yours sincerely,
(Mrs.) Eileen Wright.