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A letter from me to Lord Justice MacDermott's secretary.

Dear Mr Millar,

Re. Freddie Andrews.

I was shocked at what took place at the last Court Hearing concerning my brother. Is there any Justice or Human Rights for Mental Patients in N. Ireland?
My sister and I attempted to address the Judge and make submissions but we were interrupted by Mr. Hall and not allowed to continue. He stood up and said, 'something about flowery language' and that he had done his best, which, of course is not good enough.
Mr Hall appears to have written down on numerous occasions the word submission but we were not aware of this until the last Court Hearing. We stood up but were not permitted to finish our submissions. When we mentioned fraud and malpractice the Court quickly dispersed. The Judge appeared to be shocked, got up, closed his book and walked out of the Court. At his hearing the Judge mentioned Freddie's home and asked why we did not appeal his ruling. We were threatened at the first Court Hearing that we would have to pay our own fees and that Freddie's estate would be further dissipated so how could we appeal?
We still cannot understand how Mr Jemphrey, the occupier of 14 Castlehill Road, past President of the Law Society, was protected in the Court, at the first Court Hearing.
The Judge said he would not put a man out of 'his' house, which was grossly undervalued by Mr Deane but there was no protection in the Courts for Freddie when he and his elderly mother were put out of the family home with no compunction.
Freddie's signature was accepted on sale agreements even though two psychiatrists gave statements to the Fraud Squad that Freddie would have no understanding or knowledge of what he was signing. These eminent gentlemen were at all times ignored by both Official Solicitors and the Courts. Mr Jemphrey has no proper title to Freddie's home 14 Castlehill Road.
How was John Morris (Solicitor) able to buy Little King St. property without our knowledge and again accept Freddie's signature. Freddie had no bargaining power.
We, and I mean the family, find it incomprehensible that Mr Hall's 'opinions' and findings were accepted and approved by the Judge and the Courts when the D.P.P. are awaiting further information from Police Headquarters and the Fraud Squad.
The Judge said at the last Hearing that 'you cannot sell a thing twice' but we must correct him. Neville Johnston (Mr Gilpin being the main share-holder) bought Freddie's Smithfield property while my elder brother was still working and in occupation of the family business, Andrews & Co. How was Mr Gilpin able to buy Freddie's property behind my elder brother's back and with the knowledge of the family? Who acted for Neville Johnston in this 'sale' and who acted for Freddie?
Did Messrs Tughan & Co. act for both buyer and seller? Mr Gilpin then sold this property to the Ryland Group from Birmingham. I do hope you will now inform the Judge that Freddie's property was sold twice.
The family have said before that Mr Deane is not an independent valuer and he must not be involved in any transactions connected with Freddie.
How could any Estate Agent allow and ignore that Freddie's Showroom and ground and Francis St was occupied illegally and then persist in attempting to sell it again through Laing & Co., who would then give it to Neville Johnston at the same price, who took this property from Freddie without our knowledge in the first place?
We will not accept back rent agreed by Mr Deane for nine years of illegal occupation of this property. 45,000 for nine years back rent amounts to 5,000 per year so we will not accept Mr Dean's figure. This should never have been accepted without first informing the family. Mr Hall had no right to agree to this figure and it should not have been approved.
I notice Mr Hall has put his Bangor home in the hands of Mr Deane. I do hope he gets a better price than that accepted and fought for in the courts for Freddie's home. Mr Deane's valuations with regard to Freddie's home, showroom ground, Francis St and back rent for 9 years for Smithfield bears no resemblance to present day values or the valuation at time of sale. We have no confidence in his ability to value any of Freddie's property.
Why was it left to my sister and me to bring to the Judge's notice in the last Court Hearing that anything signed by a mental patient does not make a sale legal? Money paid should not excuse the blatant fraudulent takeover of my brother's estate. Why was this ignored by Cleaver Fulton and Rankin for the years they were in charge of his affairs and why did they pay no income tax? We are surprised that the 'learned gentlemen' in the Court should sit silent on this important fact and only be concerned with their fees during the last four Hearings? Why did the Courts ignore what should have been uppermost in the minds of anyone concerned with Mental Health and the protection of Mental patients?
May I use the word "we" again and say that the family came out stunned at what took place at the last Court Hearing...the fact that my sister and I were not allowed to finish our submissions when it was the first opportunity we were given to make any. Freddie's incapacity was at all times used to divest him of his Estate yet the Courts refuse to listen to the truth.
Mr Hall states in his letter that there were trustees and a Trust Deed. There never were any trustees or Trust Deed unless self-appointed or invented. We don't know where he got this information from.
A fraud officer was with Mr Hall on three occasions yet in his letter to me of the 28th April 1986 he states that 'he is not aware of any meeting in his office or elsewhere'. Yet in his letter of the 7th April 1986 he states that 'he had the fullest contact with the R.U.C Fraud Squad.
If the Courts are satisfied with Mr Hall's 'Opinions and findings' and his Reports...we are not. In is letter to me dated 28th April 1986 he states he 'took directions exclusively from the Judge'. We find this confusing, as how could the Judge be aware of the facts of the case when nothing has been finalised by the D.P.P. or the fraud Squad?
We will attempt in every way possible to expose those who took advantage of my brother's mental incapacity and those who are still ignoring the fraudulent takeover of a mental patient's estate.
Freddie's showroom, ground and Francis St. must not be sold until the family are consulted. The Judge also said at the last hearing that he thought in the patient's 'interest' that his Smithfield property should perhaps have been sold. This would have made a third illegal deal when the two previous sales had not been investigated.
We do hope that you will inform the Judge that it would seem that he has been misinformed on every count and we will not accept finality until the true facts have been exposed and when the D.P.P. produce their findings.

Yours sincerely,

Eileen Wright. (Mrs.)