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My Letter To Lord Mackay.

I sent the following letter to Lord Mackay of Clashfern, Trevelyn House, 30 Great Peter St, London SW1P 2BY, dated July 3rd 1989.

Dear Lord Mackay,

I enclose copy letter from the Lord Chancellor's Dept. and unsigned copy letter from Jackson Andrews accountants (no relation) for my father's estate and personal tax for many years prior to his death in July 1972. They were also responsible for Freddie's affairs re tax etc, prior to and during 1972 to 1978. We did not make Freddie a patient in Care until 1979. We fail to understand on whose authority the ex Official Solicitor Mr Brian Hall and Jackson Andrews can withhold this vital information from the family.
How could proper accounts be kept by any accountant when Freddie had no Bank Account in his name and the sales of Smithfield and Winetavern St. had to be in cash on the instructions of Gilpin & Wright the self-appointed Trustees?
Why does the Office of the Official Solicitor and the Chancellors Office in the name of Mr Steele, Mr Simpson and now Mr Smyth keep ignoring our requests to see accounts etc? Why does the Chancellor's Office persist in telling us to apply for a review, when the mismanagement continued during the period since 1979 when we put Freddie in Care, as we thought, for his protection? My husband and I gave up our home in order to care for my bed-ridden mother and Freddie and as pensioners cannot afford to engage a solicitor to do the work of the Official Solicitor.

Does the Chancellor's Office understand that because of my brother's mental incapacity he had no bargaining power and was made to accept what money Gilpin & Wright gave him for the home my father gave to him years before his death and valuable city centre property and ground?

We were put through about 10 Hearings mostly taken up by the requests from solicitors and barristers for fees. These Hearings were orchestrated and controlled by the ex Official Solicitor and his QC Mr Brian Kerr. Freddie had no legal representative to protect his interests.
Neither the fraud officer nor the two psychiatrists who gave statements to RUC regarding Freddie's Mental incapacity were asked to speak at the Hearings on Freddie's behalf.

My sister and I had to make our way to the front of the Court in order to inform the Judge that it was fraud. And also to let him know that Freddie received no money for his properties in Smithfield.

The illegal sales of Freddie's property were never brought up at any of these Hearings nor was the 375,000 and the 17,000 cash ever accounted for.
According to the fraud squad there was only 37,000 six years ago in the name of Gilpin & Wright in the now defunct Industrial Bank in Bangor. It is the duty of the Official Solicitor to hand this case over to the RUC and permit them to continue with their investigations. This is a criminal case not a civil one as Mr Hall and the Chancellor's Office fail to recognise.
The Official Solicitor is more concerned with the sale of a dining room suite sold by my elderly mother who incidentally had to refurnish and decorate, at her own expense, install a toilet and hand basin in the cloakroom and hand basins in the bedrooms in Freddie's home. This almost derelict house at the time of sale was provided for Freddie by Gilpin and his solicitor Mr H Wright, thus protecting the ex-President of the Law Society in the home my father gave Freddie long before his death, without good or legal title.
What are the Official Solicitor and the Chancellor's Dept. dong about the missing 375,000 and the 17,000 cash paid for Winetavern St? It appears they prefer to drag my late mother's name through the mud than expose the members of the Legal Profession involved in the cover-up.
Would your office please, Lord Mackay, be kind enough to pass this letter to the Chancellor's Office in Belfast from whom I have already received intimidating and threatening mail? These letters can be forwarded to anyone interested in Justice for Mental patients.
Why was I denied the right to discuss Freddie's case with the Commission for Mental Health on the Holywood Road, Belfast? I understood this office was open to the public and independent. Mr Brian Kerr QC, who represented the ex-Official Solicitor was Chairman of this Commission at that time.
We have completely lost faith in the Legal Profession in Northern Ireland. It appears to us that Solicitors in general are loath to go against members of their own profession.
Freddie was left at the mercy of manipulators and con men but we got no assistance from the Official Solicitor. He chose to attack the family rather than those criminally involved. He refused to give us a hearing. We had the help of an honest and dedicated fraud officer whom we approached because of inaction of the first Official Solicitor the late Mr Drennan of Cleaver, Fulton and Rankin, for three and a half years. This officer exposed fraud, forgery, malpractice and misappropriation six years ago but he also could not get a hearing with the ex Official Solicitor Mr Brian Hall. The fraud officer and the family could have given the office of the Official Solicitor great assistance but he preferred to compile his reports on the word of those involved in divesting Freddie of his entire estate.
The family have kept Freddie's case open for ten years. Every effort was made to silence us but we will persist until Justice is seen to be done.
In his letter, Mr Smyth mentions the Mental Health Act. It would appear the rules of the Act can be broken with impunity by the Official Solicitor for the Supreme Court with the backing of the Chancellor's Office.
I will enclose some photographs to show the state of Freddie's home after the Official Solicitor spent 7,000 of Freddie's money without any discussion with the family and without obtaining the estimates from reputable surveyors. This house was allowed to sink into further disrepair for ten years. According to the Official Solicitor Freddie had to wait until money was available. Why? Why not collect the 392,000 owing to the patient for part of his estate?
Would you also forward this letter to Master Bridges of the Chancery Division in the Law Courts, Belfast?
I had a letter from Mr Charles Powell secretary to the Prime Minister in 1984 stating that Freddie's case was resolved, five years later we are no nearer the truth.
There must be someone somewhere who will listen to us and be prepared to act on the findings of the two experienced fraud officers who worked long hours on our case.
My sincere thanks for your kind and valued attention.


(Mrs) Eileen Wright.