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My letter to the Official Solicitor Redpath dated 3/5/94.

Dear Mr. Redpath,
With reference to your letter of the 19th April, we were brought up in a business family and were always aware to shop around and not accept the cheapest estimate but to engage well recommended contractors.
The enclosed is from a builder who has done extensive work for three neighbours and has been well recommended.
It is unfortunate that Freddie has to pay for remedial work.
I did make complaints at the time but they were ignored.
It is in Freddie's interest that this house, all that is left of his valuable estate, should be well maintained. I do hope the first release of 17,000 will be paid to me as soon as possible.
I have already approached the builder and kitchen installers and I am anxious that work will start soon.
When Mr. Martin called, almost three months before Christmas, he told me the lounge carpet was 'dangerous'. At that time we rolled up the carpet and took it to the dump. Freddie has been living in appalling conditions ever since.
If any further estimates are required they will be forwarded to your office. Your office will be furnished with receipts when work is completed.
I have already paid for a fireplace, double glazed windows at the front of Freddie's home, french doors, work on the pathway, a holiday for Freddie and a weekend at Ruby House in Newcastle etc.I hope to give him another break in the summer.
If you would like evidence of payment, I will gladly forward copy receipts.

Yours sincerely,

Eileen Wright. (Mrs)