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To PSNI, July 5th 2002.

I sent this letter to the PSNI headquarters, Knock Road, Belfast, dated July 5th 2002.

Dear Sir,
Thank you for your letter of the 20th June 2002 in which you refer to your letter of the 12th April 2002.
I would appreciate a reply to my letter of the 18th June 2002, which appears for some reason or other to be overlooked.

It seems very strange for the RUC to remain in this stated position because 'no new evidence has been presented'. What more evidence could you possibly need?
May I repeat, there was a clear, detailed and in-depth investigation into the disposal of my brother's entire valuable estate given to him by his father long before his death in 1972. No person was sever charged for the crimes committed against Freddie.
A very dedicated and honest Fraud detective with over 20 years service in the RUC worked closely with the family. He listed the names of those involved and the bank in which the money was lodged - not in Freddie's name.
Prior to the untimely death of the fraud officer, which took place after he was taken off Freddie's case, he was kind enough to call with me and apologise. He was treated in a disgraceful manner. We were shocked to witness such underhand behaviour. Even though he attended the first hearing he was denied the right to speak. We did have two meetings with the next officer who took over from the late detective, Mervyn Patterson at Strandtown, but it was made obvious that nothing was going to be done. We were treated in an off-hand manner. It appeared to be a closed book. We have lost faith in what is dished up as the law in Northern Ireland.
If you can unearth the findings of the late Detective M Patterson there should be no need to wait for 'new evidence', which will not be forthcoming. A copy of this letter and your reply will be sent to my solicitor.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs. Eileen Wright.