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A letter from solicitors Tughan & Co to solicitors Boston & Sullivan dated 9/3/1984.

Dear Sirs,

Re: Mrs. Vera Douglas & Mrs. M. Andrews.

Thank you for your letter of the 2nd instant. We believe first of all when you refer to a payment being made into this office in June 1983, you in fact mean June 1973. The figure paid in by Mrs. Andrews was in fact 3,000. We can make no comment on that part of your letter in inverted commas except to say that back in June 1981 when the partners of the firm first became aware of problems regarding this particular matter, a meeting was held with Mr. Drennan and Mr. Doherty of Cleaver, Fulton & Rankin (on the 10th June 1981) in order to deal with a point which had been raised by Mr. Davis, the then Master of the Department for the affairs of Patients, we met with Mr. Wright. At that stage he advised us that the instructions were coming from Mrs. Andrews.

As regards the fund itself, we believe the best thing we can do is let your have a copy of our letter to Mr. J. K. Davis dated the 11th June 1981 with the enclosures attached thereto. We believe that that is self explanatory and all documentation relating to the payments made are available including paid cheques. In fact, the cost to Tughan & Company is in excess of 1,517.43 since while the money was in the First National City Bank earning interest, any monies paid out by Mr. Wright through this firm's accounts were overdrawn and therefore interest was incurred on it.

As you can see, the fact is that Colin Douglas, your client's son, went through Campbell College and his fees were paid from the Easter term in 1976 until and including the Summer term of 1978 out of the monies provided by Mrs. Andrews and indeed, the balance as provided out of this firm's account. The balance which this firm paid amounting to 1,517.43 apart from the question of interest referred to. This a problem [Should probably read, "This is a problem"] which we have been discussing with Counsel as to who should be liable to repay these monies to us. We would be grateful to have your views on that.

If there are any other matters which you wish to raise or any documentation that you wish to see, will you please contact the writer. Your early attentions would oblige.

Yours faithfully,

per [The signature looks like:] T A Burgess.

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