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A letter from ? Turkington to Moira ? dated 17/2/1986.

This seems to be a memo from G. B. Turkington the President of the Law Society in Northern Ireland to Secretary Moira Neeson.

Dear Moira
I enclose herewith of 6th Feb from Mrs Eileen Wright. You will have correspondence which I received directly form this lady and then replied to about a month or two ago. I know there is a very serious cause of complaint against one or two solicitors and there may well be claims for compensation made against Bertie Wright and Tughan & Co. Mrs Wright makes a valid point in her recent letter to the effect that she is prepared to come along to see us and explain her position and I think that we had better afford her this opportunity.
Accordingly, I suggest that you write to her and state that you are replying on my behalf in response to her recent letter and requesting her to come in and see you. You can then obtain details from her as to the precise nature of her complaints and we can prepare a memorandum for consideration in the normal way through the Complaints procedure.


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