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Tara House - The Family Home

This is "Tara House", 14 Castlehill Road, Belfast where my father, mother and my brother Freddie were living when my father died suddenly in 1972. "Tara House" was a magnificent mansion situated in the Belmont area of Belfast. My father had put ownership of this elegant property into my brother Freddie's name a number of years before his death and had also put many city-centre properties in Freddie's name also as security for the upkeep of "Tara House". Charles Gilpin, a millionaire businessman, a director of the Northern Bank and associated with the Northern Ireland Industrial Bank in Bangor, was known to our family but kept at 'arm's length' by my father. Shortly after my father's death, Gilpin persuaded my elderly widowed mother to put her affairs into the hands of his solicitors, Tughan & Company, and directly into the care of one solicitor employed by Tughan & Company, Herbert Wright, who was later struck off the list of solicitors and received a suspended jail sentence for professional misconduct.

The Andrews' family home

Gilpin told our mother, wrongfully, that she could not afford the upkeep of "Tara House" and persuaded her to take Freddie to live in a house at 4 Norwood Gardens, Belfast. Gilpin seized and sold Freddie's home and other properties belonging to Freddie and all this has been made legal by a combination of the Office of the Official Solicitor, Brian Kerr QC who is now Northern Ireland's Lord Chief Justice, the RUC, the DPP and the High Court. Here are four photographs of the condition of the property at 4 Norwood Gardens, Belfast that our mother and Freddie were put into by Mr. Gilpin.

Inside 4 Norwood Gardens Bathroom damp in 4 Norwood Gardens Rotten garage at 4 Norwood Gardens Broken bath at 4 Norwood Gardens

This house was in a very run-down condition and had been let out to various tenants. It was very damp with paper hanging off the walls. The bath was badly cracked and roughly repaired. The garage structure was even rotting.