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From the Ulster Bank to Official Solicitor Drennan dated 16/1/1979.

Dear Sir


We thank you for your letter of 12 January the contents of which we have noted.

We have pleasure to return herewith Order of Appointment, of which we have retained a copy, together with a copy of the Settlement dated 9 May 1955 of which we are Trustee.

You will see that the Income of the Settlement is held in trust for Mr William Andrews subject to his paying to his brother Frederick Andrews Junior an annuity of 75 per annum. Although we are not under any duty to see to the payment of the annuity we have in the past reserved same from the rents due to William Andrews up to and including the year ended 5 April 1977. However, the Trust property was damaged in a bomb explosion on 25 November 1977 and had been unlet for a period prior to that time and the annuity in respect ot the year ended 5 April 1978 and for the current year has not been paid by the bank.

For many years we accumulated the annuity payments in a Halifax Building Society account for Mr Frederick Andrews but during 1977 we came under pressure from Mrs Minetta Andrews to pay accounts on behalf of Mr Frederick Andrews using the money which had accumulated in the Halifax Building society. Various accounts were paid and eventually the whole of the accumulated Income was used up in this way.

We shall be happy to assist you in any way we can in this matter and if you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Yours faithfully

Trust Officer

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