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My sister Vera's letter to Mr. J.K. Davis, Mental Health Dept., Royal Courts of Justice, dated 25/7/1981.

Dear Mr. Davis,

I have been going over the contents of the letter sent to your office from Messrs. Tughan & Co., and am most surprised at the intervention of Mr. Tughan in my affairs.

I cannot understand why Mr. Drennan and Mr. Doherty, whom I have never met, appear to have accepted without question the explanation given to them by Mr. Tughan regarding the mismanagement of my 3,000.

All letters requesting knowledge of the 3,000 were sent to Mr. Bertie Wright and I feel he should have been left to deal with his own correspondence.

If Mr. Wright did not receive mail from my mother, Betty, or myself or my social worker, how was Messrs. Tughan & Co. aware of the contents of these letters. I am sure the Post Office wil be willing to look into the reason why so much mail has gone missing addressed to Mr. Bertie Wright.

Am I, Mr. Davis, really supposed to believe that the question of my 3,000 should just come up out of the blue in casual conversation with Mr. Drennan and Mr. Doherty in their office!!

If my affairs were discussed by Mr. Tughan, it is completely at variance with professional ethics and I hope you, Mr. Davis, will be given some explanation as to why this meeting took place, especially when it appears to be totally against my interests.

If my 3,000 was left in the care of Mr. Bertie Wright, it does not appear to be very well looked after. To overspend the large amount of 1,517, without even informing interested parties or my social worker, was serious neglect of account keeping on his part and this is something he himself will have to forfeit. I object very strongly to the veiled threat that this debt is my responsibility. Whose account did the 1,517 come from? Who signed the cheques?

Who made Mr. Tughan conscious of the welfare of my son? I did not know he was even aware of his existence.

If my 3,000 is in no way connected, as Mr. Tughan states, with Mr. F. Andrews, why does he feel it necessary to mention this twice in his short letter?

I did not ask for any information about Mr. F. Andrews and I fail to undersrtand why this statement has to be made - unless, of course, for some reason unknown to me Mr. Tughan feels it is necessary.

I will be making my own investigation with the help of reliable sources into the contents of Mr. Tughan's letter, but in the meantime, I must get a reply to letters sent to Mr. Bertie Wright who apears to be totally responsible for my 3,000.

I would like a detailed statement of how my 3,000 was spent, including interest accrued and on whose authority and for what reason my money was transferred from one bank to another.

The answers Mr. Tughan arrived at with the help of Mr. Drennan and Mr. Doherty, whom I have also never met, do not in any way satisfy me or any member of my family.

I do hope, Mr. Davis, that you will be more successful in receiving answers to the questions asked which up to date I have been unable to get a reply.

In future, all letters to Mr. Bertie Wright will be delivered by hand and signed for, or sent by Registered Post.

I appreciate all the interest you have taken in this case. I will be giving Mr. Stinson a copy of this letter when returns from holiday.

Yours sincerely,

Vera Douglas.

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