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Letter from W. Andrews (my brother) to J. Burnside of Jackson, Andrews & Co., River House, High Street, Belfast dated 13/10/1977.

Dear Jim,

As you probably know I have sold the shares of the Company and retired from business.

At a Director's meeting held on Friday 30th September, at the offices of Tughan & Co., Solicitors, the 7,500 shares in the Company were sold to Neville Johnston (Garages) Ltd., for the sum of 192,000.

My share Certificate was handed to the Solicitor for Neville Johnston (Garages) Ltd., on that date but as you are holding the balance of the Share Certificates please send them to Don. Patterson at Smithfield Square.

Also, give to him the Share Register and the Minute book of Andrews & Co.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

W. Andrews.