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The seizure and sale of Freddie's property in Winetavern Street.

Winetavern Street. The following is taken from paragraphs 11 and 12 of Official Solicitor Hall's Comprehensive Report to the High Court.

11. Premises: 5-21 Winetavern Street.
The Patient acquired this property by Conveyance dated 11 April 1968. Rental collections from the property were received by Messrs Blessington Fair & Co who acted as agents for the Patient but in the mid-1970s the expense borne by the Patient as landlord substantially reduced the rental income of 556.52 per annum which was produced by the property. Discussions took place as early as October 1976 with members of the family and with Mr Gilpin in regard to possible sales of the property but the offer which was ultimately accepted, of 17,000, was eventually made by Mr Joseph Kavanagh who paid a deposit to Messrs Blessington Fair & Co on 24 November 1977.
[Why, Mr. Hall, did you not even question this 'sale' of Freddie's property. You knew that this property was only to be sold in order to raise money for the upkeep of Freddie's home Tara House. Charles Gilpin was not a member of our family. Except for his shocking and overbearing conduct towards my mother and his thieving of our family possessions, and his deplorable conduct towards my brother Billy, our family had no dealings with Charles Gilpin. You also knew that no member of our family could sell Freddie's property unless it was for the upkeep of Tara House for Freddie and of course my mother. Now with Tara House occupied by another solicitor you conveniently turned a blind eye to this shocking criminality. In doing so you became part of it.]
His purchase was due for completion on 7 January 1978. There is no record available as to who authorised the acceptance of the final offer made by Mr Kavanagh but the sale was duly completed on or about 18 January 1978. [Then you were duty bound to find that record, Mr. Hall, and if that record could not be found you were duty bound to call in the RUC Fraud Squad. That was something of course that you, Mr. Hall, had to avoid at all costs. You had to keep the RUC Fraud Squad as far away as possible from your illegal activities. How on earth could thsi sale be completed without a record of who authorised the sale and who accepted the sale price? What sort of a mind have you, Mr. Hall, to personally accept this arrangement and then have the gall to present it to a High Court Judge for ratification in your professional capacity as guardian of my mentally-handicapped brother's inheritance? You are totally sick.]

12. From information given in response to other enquiries which I addressed to Messrs Blessington Fair & Co it is clear that the Patient's property at Winetavern Street had been run down for some years before the sale in 1978.
[Again, Mr. Hall, you run down my brother's property. This of course is to enable you to accept a lower amount of money for it. The fact is that the property is really of no consequence. It is the valuble ground and its position in relation to the Belfast city centre that is so important. This has also escaped you. How you were chosed to look after my brother's interests will go down in history, Mr. Hall, a long way down. In time to come, you will be seen for the villain you are. Charles Dickens would have loved writing about you.] Rental statements reveal that substantial sums had been paid for repairs and that the gross rental collection barely covered the outgoings. I am informed that an earlier attempt had been made to sell the premises following telephone instructions received from Mrs Betty Hamilton in early October 1976 but a sale did not proceed at that time.
[This is rubbish, Mr. Hall. Don't dare state that members of my family were playing the same dirty game you played. We were shocked to learn that my mother and brother were evicted from their beautiful home and put into a slum. My father told me that Freddie would be looked after. Winetavern Street properties were just some of the properites which were to sit until the time came for them to be sold, preferably individually, to fund the upkeep of Tara House or provide Freddie with necessary money for his comfort. You and your cohorts didn't give a damn about Freddie. All they wanted was to dispose of complete lots of property in a orgy of thieving and you were a 'Johnny come lately' who protected them in order to protect a share for yourself.]
It is also clear from the information provided that [Why do you not provide the sources of your information as would be expected in a "comprehensive Report", Mr. Hall?] Mr Gilpin played a significant role in the communication of instructions relating to the property and that Messrs Blessington, Fair & Co effectively acted upon the basis of instructions given by him or by Mrs Minetta Andrews through him or Mr Wright. [Fantasy, Mr. Hall, these properties were Freddie's and my mother, my very elderly mother had no right to give such instruction to anyone, but you knew that and ignored it.]
The property was advertised for sale in the Belfast Telegraph in late 1977 - the advertising account having been paid on 6 December 1977. Mr Drennan did not make any critical comment in regard to the circumstances surrounding the eventual sale - nor do I.
[Ah! The first teeny weeny little chink of conscience? Are you implying, Mr. Hall, that Mr. Drennan MAY have or SHOULD have been critical of the circumstances surrounding the eventual sale? Of course he should have been critical and so should you.]
I am pursuing further enquiries to clarify the circumstances in which the original attempt to effect a sale in 1976 came to be abandoned [You said that, Mr. Hall, as if the sale should not have been abandoned. Why? This sale as you know should not even have been contemplated. At that time Tara House had already been stolen off my mother and especially Freddie and there was now no need to sell it other than to satisfy the greed of those you have since worked to protect. Are you really so very, very stupid? What sort of a qualification have you, or do you have a qualification at all?] and, as appears in paragraph 21 below, I am also seeking to identify the precise record of rents received and management expenses incurred for the entire period under review - ie from July 1972 until the date of sale.
Finally I have noted that although a payment representing the balance purchase money of approximately 15,300 was received by Mr Wright on 16 January 1978 it was not lodged for investment in the Northern Ireland Industrial Bank Limited until 10 October that year. I refer, in paragraph 28 below, to the question of interest generally and this item must be included in that calculation. [Into whose pocket did all this money eventually go, Mr. Hall, or are you not interested in that either?]

[5 to 21 Winetavern Street, Belfast comprised nine tenanted terraced shops and dwellings.
These properties were sold on February 16th 1979 for 17,000 by Blessington & Fair. Instructions to sell were given by Gilpin & Wright and the main instruction was that the purchaser must pay cash. Why, Mr. Hall, did you not check this out? Two higher bids were given but because they were not cash were not accepted. Freddie received no money for this sale but 15.083 was credited to the Industrial Bank in Bangor on October 12th 1977 to an account in the names of Charles Gilpin and Bertie Wright.]

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