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This is my brother Billy's statement to the RUC Fraud Squad in 1979.

I am an ex director of Andrews and Company (Belfast) Limited, Smithfield, Belfast. I was a shareholder and Managing Director when I resigned on 30 September 1977. The company was formed on 12 June 1945 and a certificate of incorporation was issued on 14/6/45. The company had been formed by partners trading as Andrews of Smithfield the partnership having been formed in 1918 to buy sell and build motorcycles. One of the partners was my father Frederick Andrews.When I left school I joined the company and took an active part in the running of the company mainly in the sales end. My father remained in the company until his death on 14/7/72. The share holding at this point was Frederick Andrews 4,000 his wife Minetta 1,500 and myself 2,000. During the existence of the company and prior to my fathers death the company was very profitable and continually expanding.
My father often purchased properties for the various members in the family and in particular my brother Frederick Andrews (Junior) commonly known as Freddie. My father did not discuss all his business transactions with me and was inclined to keep these matters to himself. He didn't even disclose them to his wife. This resulted in none of the family knowing exactly what was purchased in the name of Freddie. Freddie is now about 50 years of age and since his teens he has been mentally handicapped and incapable of managing his own affairs. He often came down to the garage and stood about, he was incapable of assisting in any matter. He often insisted in being taken out for a drive in a car and when some of the men were taking cars out for road tests or messages Freddie would have gone along. He is never aggressive he can not carry on a conversation or read. He will answer to questions and can write to dictation, he would always sign his name 'Freddie' never Frederick unless directed. I often heard my father say that Freddie had been well provided for and would never want. He did not wish Freddie to be dependant on any of the family. To this present day I do not know what properties are or were in Freddie's name.

My father died on 14/7/72 and I then became aware of the assets of the company and the fact that the present day showrooms were owned by Freddie. These showrooms would be situated at 61 to 65 Smithfield. I later learned that he was possibly the owner of 57/59 and 66/69 Smithfield 47/47a Smithfield, 5/21 Smithfield, 1 to 7, 11, 13, 15, 19 and 21 Francis Street, 98 to 112 Millfield, 5/21 Winetavern Street, 3/5 Little King Street. Properties in King Street and Marquis Street, 123 Old Holywood Road 18/20 Oakland Avenue and then there are other properties where we would appear to have paid rates and water rates. These properties are 26, 28, 30, 32 West Street. The family home which was purchased over 40 years ago was in Freddie's name on the death of my father. My father often remarked that this would be his home for the remainder of his life. The family home was at 14 Castlehill Road, Belfast. After the death of my father Freddie continued to live with his mother at that address until 1976 when they moved to Norwood Gardens were they presently reside. The entire contents of the family home was also Freddie's. A lot of the furnishings were of great value and of high antique quality. My sister Eileen Wright and I were astonished at the home being sold and on reflection and with hindsight there were other strange occurrences which should have been warnings to us. I understand that Freddie's assets have now been reduced to the home he is in at Norwood and a few pounds in the bank. I at no time gained in any way from Freddie's estate but I would like to make it clear that in 1974 on the advice of an old family friend Charles Gilpin I instructed the family solicitors Boston & Sullivan to draw up a sale agreement to allow me to purchase the showrooms from Freddie for the company. I paid a deposit of 5,000 towards the sale but about a year later Miss Sullivan informed me that it was impossible due to the incapacity of Freddie. I believe she suggested that an application could be made to a court seeking authority. The offer to purchase was withdrawn and I later discussed it with Mr Gilpin. He was aware of Miss Sullivan's decision. Boston & Sullivan had been the family solicitors for many years, as long as I can recall, and Miss Sullivan was an executor of my fathers will. About a year after my fathers death I learned that Gilpin had persuaded my mother to take her business away from Miss Sullivan and place it in the hands of Tughan and Co. I now understand that Miss Sullivan has handed over any deeds of properties Freddie owned.

Since the family home was sold, Eileen and I have been endeavouring to ascertain what properties Freddie owned and what money he owned. When my mother was taken into hospital in 1978 Freddie was also taken to a hospital. At this point Eileen and I decided that something would have to be done in relation to Freddie's property and we discussed it with hospital staff. A committee was formed to look after Freddie and to administer his affairs. John Drennan of Cleaver Fulton & Rankin was appointed. Mr Drennan was appointed around Christmas 1978 and since then I have been trying to learn what Freddie's financial position is. Drennan or the office of Cleaver Fulton & Rankin has refused to enlighten me. As a result of information given to me by D/Constable Patterson I understand that in 1977 I on behalf of the company bought properties 61 to 69 Smithfield and 1 - 11 Francis Street, Belfast from my brother Freddie and sold them to Neville Johnston Garages on 30 September 1977. I emphatically deny all knowledge of this alleged transaction. I now produce a copy of an agreement which has been marked WJA1 which relates to the sale of the company shares to Neville Johnston Garages and dated 30/9/77. On pages 12 and 15 of the said agreement I identify the signatures of my wife son and myself. I have examined them at the back of the agreement and this suggests that we sold some of Freddies property in this agreement. This is false as I or the company never owned Freddie's showrooms and therefore could not have sold them. I can not offer an explanation at present but I suspect that this agreement has been tampered with. At the time I allegedly signed this agreement I was in a state of deep depression and can not clearly recall the transactions. There were a number of irregularities over this day which have been referred to in another statement.

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